What people do while waiting in
queues at corporate cafeterias
Zeta | May 15, 2018

How does a typical lunch hour at your corporate cafeteria look like?

Is it a quick access to food and meaningful chats with your colleagues, or, is it a long wait in queues, a rushed lunch and getting back to your cubicle feeling irritable?

Well, we sure hope it is the first option but, we did some crowd watching and realised that for many of us, lunch in our corporate cafeterias is stressful, especially because of the long wait in the queues.

Lunch in our corporate cafeterias is stressful, especially because of the long wait in the queues. With advanced technology, people with busy schedules should have access to basic workplace amenities without a worry. 

Should we take a look at what people do to diffuse this added stress of waiting in the queues?

Checking social media updates: Keeping yourself entertained is important to ensure you do not go crazy in the queues. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are your three best friends at such points.

Calling mom: Some often resort to being the dutiful sons and daughters by finishing their daily task of calling their moms while waiting in queues. True story!

Checking out cute colleagues: Accept it! We’ve all done this. But see, no matter what you say, a romance that started in a corporate cafeteria while waiting for food, during the lunch hour, somehow doesn’t qualify for a great story.

Strategising a revolt against the boss: With your trusted set of work buddies waiting along with you, this is often the best time to plan a little coup against the boss who has been the reason for your woes. Shhhh… hushed voices only!

Scrutinising how slow the cashier is: When time seems to go by in slow motion and hunger pangs drive you mental, the mediocre performance of the man at the counter becomes unbearable. Right?

Thinking if you are really happy in this job: An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. And, when it is being badgered by hunger, it becomes toxic. Wow! Who could have thought making people wait for food can make them so unhappy that they want to quit?

Whether you do one or all of these while waiting for your food in your corporate cafeteria, it is important you know, wasting your precious time is not an option at all. With advanced technology, people with busy days, should have access to basic workplace amenities, without a worry. In case you suffer from such horrid lunchtime experiences, do inform your HR manager about Zeta Express.

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