Smart Leaders Have These 5 Traits
Zeta | January 29, 2018
Smart Leaders

There’s an old cliché about leaders, and everybody knows it. Something about how they’re made, not born — you’ll still find it plastered on motivational coffee mugs and business school brochures. It’s ironic because smart leaders don’t care about cliché any more than they take coffee mugs seriously. Today’s smart leaders spend time continuing to update what they think about leadership. A finding by Forbes Magazine after interviewing 100 different individuals who were in some position of high leadership or the other validates this. A majority of them feel that leadership is a constantly evolving force.

So, who is a smart leader? Whether they’re made or born, we reckon these are some traits that are common in them:

Smart leaders know what they want to contribute to the world
They’re able to then create a deliberate foundation for this vision they have and communicate it. This is what makes their journeys to success worthwhile and enables them to deal with obstacles in the way. It’s also what makes people want to follow them in that journey.

They know the difference between hard work and smart work
Granted they’re no strangers to hard work, but they also know how to work smart in situations where there aren’t enough hours in the day. They know that time costs money, and working smart means having a degree of respect for their time and that of others. This comes with a higher self awareness and the ability to leverage time and resources to the utmost.

Smart leaders know what they want to contribute to the world

They learn about emerging trends and pick up new skills
The demands from the leaders of today aren’t limited to conventional practices anymore. They have to now perform at a level they weren’t previously required to. While technology is evolving rapidly, the way information is used in business is changing too. The skills they need to pick up range from technological knowhow, business analytics to social media skills, while also keeping in touch with the pulse of a diverse workforce, which includes millennials.

They believe in personal development
Smart leaders have an interest in understanding how the human psyche works and believe in constant self-improvement. They know that development of this sort takes place over the course of a lifetime. They look to apply the lessons from their experience and learnings to realise their business and personal aspirations.

They adopt new technology
Smart leaders have a knack for leveraging technology that solves issues. They spot problems early and find potential solutions for them in technology that can save time or resources or both. Digital claims replacing the traditional pen-and-paper approach to employee tax-saving reimbursements, for instance.

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