Small steps to a happy workplace
Zeta | April 7, 2017

We spend a considerable amount of time in the office everyday. Busy schedules and hectic routines could leave you and your colleagues distressed. A study on employee engagement by Dale Carnegie along with MSW Research revealed that among 1,500 employees, only 29% are fully engaged and 26% are disengaged. But, little efforts could make a world of a difference, and your office, a happy, positive and an exuberant place to be in. So what are some of them?

Only 29% employees are fully engaged and 26% of them are disengaged

Compliments galore
Words are powerful. True to its meaning, a compliment could have a lasting impact and leave your co-worker feel appreciated and valued. However, compliments ought to be real not contrived. Begin to change the atmosphere of your workplace with kind and motivating words that your colleagues deserve.

Striking a chord with your fellow workers through meaningful conversations can make your colleagues feel good and foster a positive workplace culture. Talking about common topics of interest helps you build a rapport with everyone and spark workplace friendships. After all, all working professionals have to co-exist in the same environment, and a fair degree of bonding makes work more enjoyable.

A helping hand
When your colleague is struggling with something, offer a helping hand. Simple gestures such as this can brighten up his day and promote a collaborative work environment. This helps extend a meaningful dimension of our human personality.

Meal time
Nothing bonds people like a good meal. Buy a meal for your colleague from popular food outlets with your tax-saving Optima Meal Vouchers. It’s as simple as a few taps on the Zeta app, and you’re set to binge on an extravagant platter and make memories.

While there is a whole lot of things that could pep up employee morale, these are just small efforts that could bring meaningful changes to your workplace relations.

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