Five tips for improving your
employee gifting
Zeta | October 22, 2018

A big part of employee morale and loyalty is determined by the extra somethings that you offer at significant times. It could be for a festival, a birthday or a work milestone, gifting really assures employees that they are a part of a bigger family and that the members care about them.

With that as the backdrop, we realise, picking the right employee gifting solution is no mean task. In fact, it is a huge responsibility because your choice needs to appeal to the emotions of your employees. We thought of helping you out a bit here and offer some tips that could help you plan this better.

Do your research

It's important you know what the pulse of your people is to strike a chord with them. For a mass gifting solution, start with a basic research to understand the average age of your company, educational backgrounds, exposure to technology and more. The research will also need to extend to the latest trends in employee gifting as well. When you have your pointers ready, see how you can merge the two aspects best for your unique audience.

Conduct a survey

If you do not have substantial time left for a research, why not ask them what they’d prefer? Once you finalise a budget for your employee gifting, conduct a quick survey suggesting options. Well, we strongly suggest be a little creative here and do not give away the exact name of gift item on your survey. Rather, just offer suggestions to choose from. For example, a ‘kitchen genie’ instead of writing the exact name of an appliance you may want to give away, could leave an element of curiosity in the whole deal!

Picking the right employee gifting solution is no mean task. In fact, it's a huge responsibility because your choice needs to appeal to the emotions of all your employees.

Gift them choice

Out of ideas, are we? Why not give your employees a choice to buy themselves what they want the most? Choice is powerful and giving people the option to pick out what they need the most is often the best idea. Give them universally-accepted cards loaded with gift vouchers or even opt for cash transfers so that they can exercise their choice to pick up their gifts themselves.

Focus on personalisation

Remember, a gift is different from anything else that a company offers to its employees. Gifts are offered primarily to make them feel emotionally connected to your company. Small attempts at personalising gifts go a long way in creating that bond. A small message for each employee or even adding their names can make a huge difference to your gifting.

Packaging makes a difference

There’s no need to stress the importance of this. A special customised packaging for your gifts would add that extra dose of happiness to their experience. A customised packaging sets a special tone to your employee gifting.

Hope you find our tips on employee gifting useful the next time your are planning a batch. But, we would also like to know what are the practices that you follow in your organisation that sets your gifting programme apart. Write to us in the comment section below.

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