Five reasons employees don’t claim benefits
Zeta | October 22, 2018
5 reasons employees don't claim benefits

Our analysis of the market revealed to us something startling. Of the 4 crore salaried employees in India, only about 10 lakh make use of employee benefits. Among the reasons why employee benefits don’t have many takers, from the employee’s point of view, is because of the process itself. Here are the top 5 reasons why employees don’t claim their reimbursements:

Saving Bills
With companies insisting that employees file claims at the end of the month, they are forced to guard their bills with their lives. Not only do employees find this very inconvenient, any bills destroyed or lost go unaccounted for.

Filling Up Forms
At the end of each month, the bills that survive are rounded up, stapled and attached to a form that is either filled up with pen and paper or printed out. In either case, employees need to take the time out to do this, which, we discovered, is easier said than done.

Not Knowing When Claims are Approved
Once the more diligent of employees finally submit their claims, more often than not, they are completely unaware of what the status of their claim is. There is no simple way in which employees can find out whether their claims have been approved or rejected.

There is no simple way in which employees can find out whether their claims have been approved or rejected.

Always Missing the Deadlines
Since employees are required to submit their claims on or before a certain date, it’s often the case that the deadline quietly slips by without anybody realising it. Employees are now required to save these bills for another month and remember to claim them.

Not Understanding the Savings
While the reasons listed above make making reimbursements claims inconvenient, a large portion of employees don’t understand that employee benefits can help them save money.

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