Employee benefits that fit
Zeta | September 25, 2017
Employee benefits that fit

The problem with employee benefits is that most employees really don’t opt for them, largely due to lack of awareness and tedious processes. As an HR manager you want to make sure your employees make the most of their salaries. In the interest of employees everywhere, here’s a little guide to help you recommend the best employee benefits for employees who just don’t see benefits.


If your company has a tech team, that’s hard at work developing products, then you’d know that having fast computers to do the programming or the latest smartphones to for testing is important. Which is why gadget or asset purchase employee benefits would be best for them. With the gadget purchase benefit techies in your company can purchase computers and smartphones for work purposes and save up to 30% of the gadget’s value in taxes.

Sales teams

Your sales team is definitely an important part of your organisation. Seeing that they’re on the road all day, there’s no arguing that your sales guys need to look their best. Tell them about employee benefits like uniform allowance and fuel reimbursements. While the uniform allowance will help them save up to 30% on the cost of purchasing new clothes, with fuel reimbursements, they can save up to Rs 11,880 a year.

...Techies in your company can purchase computers and smartphones for work  and save up to 30% ...

Executives and managers

These are the chaps who are expected to be in several places at once, dealing with the clients, bosses and more, ensuring everyone’s requirements are met. The best employee benefit for these chaps would be leave travel allowance or LTA, seeing that they are probably in dire need of a vacation. By claiming LTA employees can save up to 30% on the cost of their vacation travels, giving them a reason to smile even after they come back to work.

Marketing and PR folks

These are the guys who work tirelessly day and night, come rain or shine, to make sure that any messaging that leaves the company says exactly what the company intends to convey and the folks in the company are up to date with everything that’s going on. A lot of the work the communications team involves reading up on trends and ensuring that the style of communication suits the ever-changing tastes of the audience. The recommended employee benefit for these chaps is books & periodicals reimbursements, which they can use to buy relevant reading material and save up to 30% of their value in taxes.

What’s your job like? What are the benefits that you find to be the perfect fit? Let us know in the comments.

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