Burger and Cheese: An affair
to remember
Zeta | September 12, 2018

The recipe is rather simple, in theory. Take a couple of buns, place a patty in between and round it off with some sauces and veggies. But making the best burger is more nuanced than you might think. If you find yourself asking Google to show you the ‘best burgers near me’ at least once a week, then Sodexo has something just for you.

Burgers and cheese make the perfect pair and in a similar vein.

All this month, Sodexo brings you the best burger deals you can access via the Zeta app. But before we reveal how you can get them, here’s our pick of some of the popular burger places across India.

In House Burger, Bangalore

The sad thing about burgers is that they don’t really have top-of-the-mind recall when it comes to healthy food. Well, this burger place in Bangalore wants to change that. With healthy food as their USP, In House Burger’s fare also includes hot dogs, milkshakes, salads and more.

Jay Bhavani Vadapav, Ahmedabad

Simply because of how delicious the menu here is and, because the humble vada pav fits the description of a burger, we’ve added this humble eatery to our list. With humble beginnings in 1997, Jay Bhavani’s menu comprises vada pav as well as other dishes served between buns like dabelis, bhaji pavs and regular old-fashioned burgers.

The Green House, Kolkata

A pet-friendly place that serves burgers and more, The Green House has a dining experience as varied as its menu. Needless to say their burgers come highly recommended, and so does their pet room and six dogs that call it home.

Pop Tates, Mumbai

If you loved Archie and the gang’s adventures in Riverdale then you must have dreamt of grabbing a bite at Pop Tate’s. While the restaurant in the comics and the show may not be real, there’s an ‘unrestaurant’ that you can still visit. Pop Tate’s in Mumbai, which brands itself as an ‘unrestaurant,’ is inspired by the fictional ‘chock’lit shoppe’ and offers some scrumptious burgers and other fun food.

Fuel Café, Pune

If bright spaces are your thing, then you’ll feel right at home at Pune’s Fuel Café. Serving up a delectable spread of burgers and more, this transportation-themed restaurant offers meals and entertainment. Everything from an air hockey table to popular board games can be found here, promising a meal as well as a fun evening out with friends.

Paying with your Sodexo Meal Card at any of the Burger places mentioned above and at several others across the country can get you some Burgerlicious deals. Access them through the Zeta app by tapping on the ‘Offers’ tab.

You can also use the Zeta app to find out where these places are located or find any other burger places in your city. Use the merchant directory built in to the app to find all the stores that accept your Sodexo Meal Card.

Get the Zeta app and check out the offers today!

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