5 things cloud-based technology can
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Zeta | April 21, 2017

About a few years back, the word cloud assumed a new meaning. The word became a metaphor for the internet, a very apt usage indeed, denoting its overwhelming presence across the world.

The adoption of cloud services in corporate giants as well as SMEs has been steadily growing since then. Until recently, organisations would mostly function on software-based applications downloaded on a computer or server. But the cloud has taken functioning, running and processing of all such operations to the internet a.k.a a host of remote servers.

The cloud has taken functioning, running and processing of all such operations to the internet a.k.a a host of remote servers.

Needless to mention, cloud services hold immense benefits for companies using them:

Ease of data storage: With the cloud, there is no stress of any kind of physical data storage. All your information is safely tucked away in a space from where it can be accessed with ease, at any time. Such safe data storage also means no loss of data in way. No limits on storage and no worries of access. Sounds like a great way to manage work, right?

Flexibility: If your company is in need of a fluctuating bandwidth, cloud services are perfect. They can be scaled up or scaled down as per requirements of a growing corporation. This kind of agility, with very little costs, offers companies a huge advantage over competitors.

Access from anywhere: The biggest boon of a cloud service is its ease of access from any location. Your employees can enjoy the unique benefits of such solutions from any place. There is no restriction of location, everything is instant, real time and every one can access the same information as and when required.

Tracking data: No shuffling through physically maintained files or worries of software updates, a cloud-based solution allows you to track and manage every information, without a worry. Even if we are talking about a long span of time, tracking information that is possibly a few years old comes down to just a click.

Cost savings: A cloud solution signifies a no storage costs, no costs on buying and updating software, no expenditure on information sharing via couriers/mailers and more. This means, more budget available to direct to another area of work. For SMEs, such cost savings can make a significant difference.

Security: Imagine if a highly placed resource in your company loses their laptop. Can that bring about a security breach worth billions? Yes! But if employees work on a system where information is stored on the cloud, security of information doesn’t rely on any physical devices. Such aspects of cloud services is indeed a blessing.

With changing times, it is a must that organisations keep up their pace. It is important to adapt to the best technology that is available for an impact in the way we do business. Cloud services are definitely the way forward. There is literally no limit when the solution is as vast as the cloud.

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