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Cafes across India
Zeta | October 22, 2018

A warm cup of coffee or tea is to us, what fuel is to a car. It keeps us running, no matter what the occasion. Let Sodexo and Zeta help you get fueled up with our pick of the best cafes across the country.

Use the merchant directory built into the Zeta app to find our picks, and use your Sodexo Meal Pass to spend your meal benefits there with a swipe.

Pan India- Brewberrys Café

With over 110 outlets across 70 cities, conversations flow naturally at Brewberrys. Apart from rich arabica roasts, Brewberrys also serves up a storm when it comes to quick bites and chilled beverages like frappes and slushies.


Some like it hot, others prefer it cold. The English have it whenever and in India, we prefer it with milk. Not to frame it like a riddle, but we are of course, talking about tea and coffee. Elegant decor, and a 90-year heritage describe Kolkata’s Flury’s perfectly. Started by a Swiss expatriate couple in 1927, their tea cakes, European confections and other baked goods are equally delicious.

“I have so much I want to accomplish in this one life, I needed to find a way to make that happen.”

—Lindsey Holmes

Chennai- Madras Coffee House

The saying goes, ‘Chennai is a city, Madras is an emotion.’ When you add some coffee to Madras, you know almost instinctively that something special and aromatic is brewing. Needless to say, this chain of coffee shops across Chennai serves some delightful filter kaapi, that stirs the senses, however, the menu also accounts for other types of beverages and bites.




Delhi NCR- Chai Garam

What’s in a name? For a chai would smell as aromatic. Over 20 exquisite types of tea line the shelves of Chai Garam and the variety doesn’t stop there. Chai Garam serves up beverages both hot and cold and bites that leave your lips smacking. Dotted across Delhi-NCR these pocket-sized chai shops, are the perfect place to take an afternoon chai break.

If we haven’t covered your city in our list, you don’t have to feel left out. With a merchant directory built into the Zeta app , you can find a complete list of outlets from across 1,500 cities where you can use your Sodexo Meal Pass. If your favourite coffee shop isn’t on our list, feel free to suggest it via the app itself.


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