Why working moms deserve extra
appreciation on Mother’s Day
Devyani Trivedi | May 10, 2019
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The term “working moms” is an oxymoron. Have you ever seen a mother not working? In the corporate setup, a working mom is one who fulfills her responsibilities as a dynamic corporate employee by day and a mother who raises her children when the sun goes down.

There’s no doubt that working mothers are an important asset to organisations. Despite juggling two lives, they continue to remain dependable, dedicated and focused at work.

Shower some love this Mother’s Day

While most companies are offering paid maternity leaves, flexible work hours and other perks, how is your organisation any different? Sometimes small steps like recognising and appreciating these amazing women can go a long way in spreading happiness at the workplace. Wondering when and how you can do it? What better occasion than Mother’s Day to spread some love.

This Mother’s Day and the many more to follow in the coming years, surprise these working moms with a thoughtful gift and show you care for them just as much as they do.

Let’s make gifting a breeze for you

I know how difficult it can be for Human Resource professionals like you to plan and manage a gifting exercise. From finding the perfect gift to sourcing and distribution in various geo-locations, gifting can be an arduous task.

To help solve this gifting dilemma and simplify this exercise, digital gifting can be a go-to solution for you. With digital gifting, you can plan, manage and distribute gifts in a matter of a few minutes. So what does digital gifting entail? Sending digital gift cards and gift vouchers are one of the most convenient options available under digital gifting that need to be sent to your employees via email.

Not only is digital gifting easy to manage for you, it’s extremely convenient and can be delivered almost instantly, even if it is a last-minute requirement. What’s more? It requires zero logistics, no vendor management and zero loss in transit or pilferage.

Sometimes small steps like recognising and appreciating these amazing women can go a long way in spreading happiness at the workplace.

Why working moms will love gift vouchers?

Finding the perfect gift that will be loved by each and every employee can be really tough. Ideally, if there’s one thing that makes or mars a gift is its usability. Gift vouchers can prove to make the cut as one of the most preferred gifts as working moms can buy whatever they please depending on their tastes and preferences. It’s a win-win for you too -- it saves you time and effort to source the “perfect gift” which, we all know, doesn’t really exist.

Wondering where you can find the most versatile digital gifting solution in the market? Turn to Zeta Spotlight® and its various employee gifting solutions that make gifting delightful for you and your workforce. For Mother’s Day, you can choose vouchers from 100+ popular brands on one platform. I’m sure all the mothers at your workplace will love them! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

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