Zeta certified as a Great Place To Work

May 7 - 2020

It’s official! We are now one of the best places to work in India. This is an incredible win for all of us at Zeta and we are so proud to have built this workplace together. The Great Place to Work® (GPTW) certification is a step forward in our journey to build a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™.

To give you a glimpse into this exceptional feat: GPTW is a global authority in workplace culture assessment and recognition. GPTW has conducted research on the characteristics of an organisation for over 30 years. Their data-driven survey is used to determine employee satisfaction rates with respect to a company’s leadership, culture, practices and work environment.

As we foray ahead, we remain committed to those who are most important in this process: our people.

The ratings below are gathered from the Trust Index™ employee survey report.

GPTW - Infographic


At Zeta, it is all about making a meaningful difference in the lives of our employees. And we do this by focusing on our strengths:

  • People-first

Everything that we do at Zeta springs from our core philosophy of ‘People Must Grow’. We believe employees are our greatest asset and we want to act as enablers in their lives. In this regard, we follow a three-fold approach -- we recognise the aspirations of our employees; we bring in the right opportunities and then connect them to our disruptive goals. We do this actively, consistently and comprehensively. This helps in the holistic growth of our employees. Further, it propels us to go beyond the ordinary and sets us apart from others.

  • Open culture

We focus on creating an ecosystem where employees can bring in their full selves and engage meaningfully. This helps to create high levels of engagement, drives constant innovation and boosts overall productivity. We believe this will aid our employees to feel more empowered, work and connect better. Our aim is to help all teams find more purpose and passion each day at work.

  • Inclusive

We believe success lies in embracing diversity and that is why we hire people from various backgrounds. This keeps the workplace bubbling with new ideas and fresh perspectives. We listen very carefully to our employees; we keep them updated on organisational goals. We ensure there is always a two-way communication between them and the leadership. These practices help us to retain the best employees as well as hire more brilliant minds.

  • Learning & development

To foster continuous learning, we have rolled out multiple initiatives under our ‘People Must Grow’ philosophy. Our blended learning techniques cater to all types of learners and learning preferences. We have Beta@Zeta for new joiners; Learn@Zeta for employees across all levels of the organisation and Lead@Zeta focussed on developing the leadership team.

We strongly believe a major component of our open and high-trust culture ties back to our leaders. It is their people-first approach that has helped Zeta to shape its core philosophy and has been a driving force to maintain a strong culture.

A big shout out to our employees!

Being certified as a Great Place to Work® is a testament to our progressive and flexible work culture. This encourages holistic growth and boosts employee satisfaction. It is also an unbiased perception of how our employees feel about us. As we cast our eyes to the future, we remain committed to our core philosophy of ‘People Must Grow’. Together we have built something special and we owe this to our employees who truly make Zeta a great place to work.